Day Trips

Beach Tour (6 - 7 hours)

Options: Guarujá, Santos, or São Paulo’s North Coast. Guarujá, a sophisticated beach resort. Santos, the main port in Latin America. Both include a visit to the Aquarium.
North Coast line, paradise beaches and pristine clear water. Trip suggestions: trails to desert beaches, waterfalls.
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Campos do Jordão (10 - 12 hours)

Mountain village. Highest peak: 2035 ms. Known as little Switzerland. Breathtaking European architecture. Trails, waterfalls, National Forest.
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Coffee Farm (10 hours)

Visit a coffee farm from the XIX century, still in production. Historical patrimony. Includes visit to the old slave house, coffee fields. Lunch.
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Short Trips

Ilhabela (1-2 nights)

Beautiful island off the north coast of São Paulo. Rainforest, trails, and waterfalls. Includes overnight stay at a charming home.
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Paraty (2-3 nights)

Historical town. Visit local artists studios, enjoy great seafood. Many options of nearby beaches to visit, trails.
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Biking/Eco Tours at Pedra do Baú (2 nights) - Under Consultation

Located in the Mantiqueira Sierra, between São Paulo and Minas Gerais, Pedra do Baú (Baú Rock) is one of the most famous climbing spots in the region. The itinerary goes through Campos do Jordão, São Bento do Sapucaí and Gonçalves. Level: strenuous, average of 28 km/day. Overnight stay at Pousada do Quilombo.
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Biking/Hiking at Coffee Farm at Pinhal (2 nights) - Under Consultation

Pinhal Farm is a national historical landmark. Visit the old slave house, and the coffee fields. Intermediate level bike ride to the Lobo Lake (17 km) and many hiking trails through the forest. Overnight stay at the farm’s main house.
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Hiking at the Estrada Real (Royal Road) (6 nights) - Under Consultation

Mid level hiking through the historic towns in Minas Gerais, from Ouro Preto to Tiradentes. Consult us for more details!
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